Graduate Student Resources

August 2019 Graduate Student Picnic, Photo Credit: Andrea Miller, GPC
August 2019 Graduate Student Picnic

Department Resources

Quick Reference List for New Grad Students

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Feedback & Achievement Form

Use this form to share

  • comments or concerns about what is going on in the department
  • announcement of achievements for you or a peer

Funding Opportunities

CBEE Teaching Assistant Application
Only students admitted to CBEE graduate programs are eligible to apply for Teaching Assistants offered by CBEE. Application deadlines will be shared via the CBEE Graduate Students mailing list and via email with newly admitted students.  To complete the form individuals must be signed in using their UMBC credentials.

Doctoral students should read the information regarding funding provided on this page


CBEE Graduate Student Awards

 Nomination Form

To submit a nomination – you must be logged in with your UMBC credentials.

Nominations are due no later than March 31. Awards will be presented at the end of the Spring semester. Nominations may be made by CBEE faculty, staff, or students (graduate or undergraduate). Self-nominations are also welcome.

CBEE Excellence in Research Award.  This award recognizes a CBEE Graduate Student for outstanding performance in research. Separate awards are awarded for PhD and MS students. Eligibility: Any student who has been a full-time PhD student in one of the CBEE programs (ENCH or ENEN) for at least 12 months at the time of nomination. Any student who has been a full-time MS student in one of the CBEE programs (ENCH or ENEN) for at least 6 months at the time of nomination.

CBEE Excellence in Leadership Award. This award recognizes a CBEE Graduate Student for outstanding leadership demonstrated in service to the department, college, or their fellow students.  Eligibility: Any student who has been a full-time Graduate student (MS or PhD) in one of the CBEE programs (ENCH or ENEN) for at least 6 months at the time of nomination.

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Graduate Program Policies

Graduate Handbook

The department’s Graduate Handbook, together with the UMBC Graduate Catalog, contain the general rules and regulations that apply to the graduate degree programs within the Department of Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering. All graduate students are expected to be familiar with this material, and each graduate student has the ultimate responsibility for following these rules and regulations.

To view the handbook, you must be logged in using your UMBC credentials.

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Classes & Coursework

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Annual Status Update Forms

The purpose of this form is to prompt a meaningful conversation between student and advisor fostering scientific and professional growth and progress toward degree completion. Projected Terms are not binding agreements, but rather reasonable expectations for degree milestones.  

Due Sept 1 to

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Academic Integrity

Travel Guidelines / Pre-approval / Reimbursement

CBEE Student Organizations (GSOs) & Student Reps

These two Graduate Student Organizations work closely together to support the students though a variety of events and activities. The Graduate Student Representatives work to increase interaction among the CBEE graduate students and between the graduate students and faculty in the department, and between the current graduate students and alumni of the department.

CBEE GSO‘ is the Graduate Student Organization for students in CBEE.  Email with any questions. Events hosted by the CBEEGSO will be sent to the If you are not on this email list and would like to be, please email


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Graduate School Resources

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CBEE Graduate Student Calendar

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