Elective Course options for Graduate Degrees

Elective Courses for graduate degrees in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CENG) & Environmental Engineering (ENEN) can be taken within the Department or from other programs across campus.

Request pre-approval

If you would like to take a course that is not listed on the pre-approved course list. You must receive approval before enrolling in the course. Be sure to review the course requirements in the CBEE Graduate Student Handbook before submitting the Pre-approval Request Form.

Pre-approval Request Form

Once the Pre-approval Request Form is submitted, you can expect a response within 10 business days. If you have any questions, email cbeegrad@umbc.edu.

Inter-Institutional Enrollment

Students may also explore options for Inter-Institutional Enrollment. Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, if you have any questions about this process.

Forms for Inter-Institutional Enrollment (UMBC Registrar)


Pre-approved Courses

The following courses have been approved by the GPD for use in satisfying elective course requirements for graduate degrees Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CENG) & Environmental Engineering (ENEN): 

This list represents recent courses that have been taken by other students, but not everything that can be taken.


  • BIOL 414 (Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics)
  • BIOL 422L (Microscopy and Imaging Techniques)
  • BIOL 430 ( Biological Chemistry)
  • BIOL 434 (Microbial Molecular Genetics)
  • BIOL 456 (Plant Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL 625 (Immunology)
  • CHEM 431 (Chemistry of Proteins)
  • CHEM 432 (Advanced Biochemistry)
  • CHEM 433 (Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids)
  • CHEM 435 (Biochemistry of Complex Carbohydrates)
  • CHEM 438 (Comprehensive Biochemistry II)
  • CHEM 441 (Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules)
  • CHEM 442 (Physical Biochemistry)
  • CHEM 443 (Molecular Spectroscopy and Biomacromolecules)
  • CHEM 444 (Molecular Modeling)
  • CHEM 461 (Advanced Instrumental Methods of Analysis)
  • CHEM 470 (Toxicological Chemistry)
  • CMSC 671 (Principles of Artificial Intelligence)
  • CMSC 678 (Introduction to Machine Learning)
  • DATA 601 (Introduction to Data Science)
  • ENEE 630 (Solid-State Electronics)
  • ENME 615 (Product Development)
  • ENMG 650 (Project Management Fundamentals)
  • GES 611 (Fluvial Geomorphology)
  • MATH 426 (Introduction to Math Software Packages: MATLAB)
  • MATH 441 (Introduction to Numerical Analysis)
  • MATH 481 (Mathematical Modeling)
  • MATH 627 (Introduction to Parallel Computing)
  • STAT 700 (Applied Statistical Learning and Data Science – Fall only)
  • STAT 432 (Statistical Computer Packages and Their Applications: SAS and R)
  • STAT 710 (Statistical Learning and Data Mining – Spring only)