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Graduate Application

biomaterials***Deadline – January 1st.***

Application to our department takes two forms. The regular, or formal, UMBC application process is handled by the Graduate School. Alternatively, qualified individuals may apply through our Fee-Free Application Process.

Admission Guidelines

The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering’s graduate admission committee makes a determination of an applicant’s qualification for admission. This is based on the evaluation of your undergraduate (and/or graduate) record, test scores, personal statement and letters of recommendation. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required, but there is no set GRE requirement. Each candidate is evaluated individually by a department faculty committee that has the authority to make admission recommendations to the Graduate School. The TOEFL is required for international applicants.

Regular Application

Applications from all qualified students are both welcomed and encouraged. Potential students can submit their applications through the formal UMBC application process, which requires payment of the application fee. Instructions, including links to the on-line application, can be found at the Graduate School site.

Fee-Free Application

The Department of Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering is pleased to offer citizens and permanent residents of the United States and Canada, and those students receiving degrees from US and Canadian institutions, the opportunity to apply for admission to either of our two PhD programs without application fees.

To take advantage of the Fee-Free Application offer you must be a US or Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of the US or Canada, or a graduate of a US or Canadian college or university. Applications by other individuals are welcomed and encouraged; however, those applicants are required to apply for admission through the formal application process, which requires payment of the application fee. (If your browser does not support forms, please contact the department by mail, telephone, fax, or email to the Graduate Program Director.)

Fee-Free Application Instructions:
  1. Complete the special CBEE Fee-Free Graduate School Application.
    Either download (below) or request a special fee-free application package from our Graduate Program Director by email, mail, telephone, fax. Download the application materials:

  2. Submit the application and supporting documentation (transcripts, test scores, references, etc.) directly to the Department of Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering. Deadline is January 1st.
    Applications received directly by the Department, which meet the eligibility requirements of this program, will not be charged an application fee.
  3. Send completed applications to:
    Director Graduate Admissions
    Department of Chemical, Biochemical & Environmental Engineering
    Engineering Building, Rm 314
    University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    1000 Hilltop Circle
    Baltimore, MD 21250

Fee-Free applications for admission to our programs for the Fall Semester must be received, along with all supporting documentation, by the Graduate Program Coordinator by January 1.

If you have any questions about the application process or the graduate program contact us at:

Phone: (410) 455-3400
Fax: (410) 455-1049