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Accelerated Program (BSMS)

UMBC’s Accelerated Program makes it possible to double-count up to 9 credits towards both your undergraduate and graduate coursework. You’ll save money and time as you further your academic career. Students applying to the BSMS program are not required to take the GRE examination.

Both thesis and course-only options are available to students in the BSMS program. Course requirements in the BSMS program are the same as those listed above for the thesis and non-thesis options of the regular MS program. However, students in the BSMS program are allowed to count 9 credits of elective courses taken to fulfill their BS degree requirements toward the course requirements for the MS degree, provided that these courses are dual level 400/600 level courses and were taken at the 600-level.

Students in the thesis option should select a research advisor during the junior year and begin their research no later than the summer between the junior and senior years. For additional, program-specific details see the CBEE Department Graduate Handbook available on our Graduate Resources Page.

Application Requirements

  • Chemical Engineering major at UMBC (all tracks)
  • Cumulative grade point average is at least 3.0
  • Major GPA is at least 3.0

Application Timelines

Spring Semester Junior Year

Complete all components of BSMS Application

  1. BSMS Application
  2. Resume
  3. Unofficial UMBC Transcript

Applications due between March 1 and May 1. Submit hard copy (original) of application to Graduate Program Coordinator (ENG 314).

Notification of admission will be sent out by June 1.

Senior year

BSMS students are not graduate students until after they earn their BS in ENCH.