CHECK – CHemical Engineering Curriculum Knowledge

“The CHECK meeting gave me important insights about my course schedule for my future semesters, and helped me formulate a plan to successfully complete my degree over the next two years. It also gave me an opportunity to connect with my peers and the faculty.”

Meredith Morse, ‘25 chemical engineering

Spring 2024 CHECK meetings

NOTE: There are a limited number of seats per session. Sign up, is first come, first serve.

for your
CHECK meeting

  • Wed., March 13 (in-person)
  • Fri., March 15 (WEBEX)
  • Wed., March 27 (in-person)
  • Fri., March 29 (WEBEX)
  • Mon., April 1 (in-person)
  • Wed., April 3 (in-person)
  • Fri., April 5 (in-person)
  • Mon., April 8 (in-person)
  • Fri., April 12 (in-person)

What is CHECK

CHECK meetings are group sessions for pre-chemical engineering students led by a CBEE faculty member.

These meetings supplement the one-on-one advising session with a COEIT Advisor to receive advising clearance. They are not a replacement for the one on one advising session.

During the CHECK meeting students will :

  • connect about important topics regarding course selection and curriculum requirements specific to Chemical Engineering
  • gain insider knowledge about the best timing of classes and prerequisites
  • discuss updates about electives courses


What if I miss my CHECK meeting?

Simply sign up again, using the button above.

What if I need to reschedule my CHECK meeting?

Simply sign up again, using the button above.

If I have already received advising clearance during my one-on-one with COEIT advising, should I participate in a CHECK meeting?

Yes, the information provided during the CHECK meetings is specific to the Chemical Engineering program. We will share insider knowledge about the best timing of classes and prerequisites.

What do I need to do to prepare for the CHECK meeting?

Please complete the pre-advising worksheet provided in your confirmation email.

How do I know if I signed up for a CHECK meeting?

You should have received an email confirmation after you completed the registration form. Check your email. If you can’t find one, sign up again using the buttom above, or email

Will I received Advising Clearance after participating in the CHECK meeting?

In order to receive advising clearance to enroll in courses for the upcoming semester, you must meeting with a COEIT Advisor.  CHECK meetings will not provide you with advising clearance.