Graduate Student Travel / Pre-approval / Reimbursement

If you intend on traveling for anything related to UMBC activities – whether it be for research, professional development, a class, etc. – you need to complete Travel Pre-Approval regardless of whether you’re being reimbursed or not.  Even if you intend to be reimbursed from a foundation account, you’ll need to complete an Travel Pre-Approval request.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • So UMBC and college officials are aware of your travel.
    • The basis for this is not on tracking what faculty, staff and students are doing, but so that we can make sure that all of the university resources are available to support you in case the unexpected arises.  If you are traveling on behalf of UMBC, you haven’t completed an eTravel, and there’s an emergency:
      • You aren’t covered by our travel insurance,
        • Faculty, staff and students traveling domestically who have submitted an eTravel request are covered by travel insurance.  If you do not, you are not and that’s a major liability.
    • We do not have an official record of your travel, and cannot reach out to make sure you’re safe or in need.
  • So that you have access to our travel agencies and they can work on your travel arraignments.
    • By using the travel agencies as much as possible, there is less of a personal financial burden on the traveler, as the University is direct billed for the expenses.

Effective immediately, for our college’s faculty, staff and student’s safety, accountability, and convenience, anyone traveling for university related activities – whether or not they intend to be reimbursed – must submit and have an Travel Pre-Approval request approved.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Traveling Internationally? Please read UMBC’s guidance on purchasing Travel Insurance. 

How to complete Travel Pre-Approval (PA) and Reimbursement (RB)?

All CBEE GAs should have access to the UMBC Travel System. If you do not have access to the form, please contact Financial Services.

NOTE: Pre-Approval is not required if the travel is in-state and does NOT include an overnight stay, however, it is always encouraged.

Compile the following information before you start the pre-approval (PA) form:

  1. Permission from PI to charge funds to the account name or chartstring (cc’d GPC on the email)
    • Once PI has approved the charges, GPC will provide you with:
      • Components of the chartstring (account, Pfin, etc).
      • Name of approver for the UMBC Travel System
  2. Estimated costs for Air/Rail/Bus/Lodging
  3. Estimated costs for reimbursable expenses (per diem, auto rental etc )
  4. Travel Dates
  5. Trip Purpose

how to videos for the new travel system

Additional Instructions from Business Services

NOTE: Please contact the GPC with any questions about completing Travel Pre-Approval (PA) and Reimbursement (RB).



Complete the Request for Reimbursement From after you have complete your travel for reimbursements.