Payam Rezaei

Adjunct Faculty

Contact Information


• Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, UMBC, 2020
• M.S. in Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, UMBC, 2013
• B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, 2010

Biography – LinkedIn

I am an adjunct faculty in the CBEE department, and I teach ENES 101 – Introduction to Engineering to incoming students who are aspiring to become engineers. I am also a scientist with Horizon Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company located in Gaithersburg, MD.

Research Interests

  • Protein Purification, Downstream Process Development
  • Design and development of separation techniques such as liquid chromatography, aqueous two-phase polymer extraction, density gradient ultracentrifugation, and ultrafiltration in order to purify and separate various nanomaterials such as single-walled carbon nanotubes
  • Investigation of macromolecular interactions via molecular modelling techniques such as Monte Carlo


Selected Publications

Payam R, Pfefferle LD , Frey DD . Metal-semiconductor sorting of large-diameter single-wall carbon nanotubes by pH-dependent binding to a hydrophobic-interaction adsorbent.
Carbon , Volume 175, 30 April 2021, Pages 112-123.