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Ouriel Ndalamba, Undergraduate Researcher of the Week

Turning waste pollutants into high-quality fertilizer

Ouriel Ndalamba is a Sophomore Chemical Engineering major. She is a CWIT Scholar, member of the Honors College, a summer LSAMP participant, and a URA Scholar.

Title of your research project: 
Dissolved carbon dioxide flotation for nutrient extraction and recovery from poultry litter.

Describe your project: 
Land application of poultry litter and other agricultural wastes by farmers causes nutrient runoff into water bodies and creates dead zones, which negatively impact water quality and aquatic life. My research aims to develop a new technology to effectively remove and recover the nutrients in poultry litter and agricultural waste to not only protect the environment, but also generate valuable fertilizers and soil amendments that can be sold to offset operating costs.

Who is your mentor(s) for your project? 
My mentors are Dr. Lee Blaney and Michael Fleming in the Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE). I was introduced to Dr. Blaney by Dr. Miller and Dr. Wagner as I expressed an interest in engineering after I graduated high school. In the lab, I work alongside Michael Fleming, a graduate student. I asked Dr. Blaney to mentor me for this project, because I am interested in solving water pollution problems. 

Posted: July 27, 2020, 1:40 PM