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Congratulations, Utsav Shashvatt!

Regional 3MT Top 8 Finish

Please join me in congratulating Utsav Shashvatt, PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering, who did UMBC proud as a Finalist at the Council of Southern Graduate Schools Regional 3MT competition in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama. Although he will not be advancing to nationals, his 'Urine-Credible presentation regarding his dissertation work on the role of struvite in the environmental management of urine earned him a Top 8 finish out of over 50 participants. He received numerous praise from the judges and audience members.

In addition, he received a $150 cash prize to celebrate his amazing achievement.

Congratulations again Utsav!

UMBC's 2020 3MT competition will be held on April 1. 

Posted: March 9, 2020, 10:36 AM