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Gateway Check

Students who recently passed GW should confirm their major

Engineering and Computer Science majors who were enrolled at UMBC In Spring 2023, and passed their Gateway in Spring or Summer 20223, should confirm that their major has been updated from "Pre" major to full major in their myUMBC account. You can check your major here. Your listed major will not include the "Pre" designation once it has been updated.

If you are not sure of the gateway requirements for your major please consult the requirements here. You must have completed all courses with the required grade for your major to be updated.

If you think you passed the gateway in Spring/Summer 2023 or earlier, and attended UMBC In Spring 2023 or before, but your major is still listed as Pre-Computer Science, Pre-Computer Engineering, Pre-Mechanical Engineering, or Pre-Chemical Engineering please email Emily Stephens at eastephe@umbc.edu.

If you are starting UMBC in Fall 2023 the earliest your major will be updated is Spring 2024.

Posted: September 11, 2023, 1:19 PM