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Team Bananas earns top honors at SCUDEM 2021

Team "Bananas” presented a solution to solve "Problem C: Submitted a Tweet, Now What?" in the SCUDEM VI 2021 competition, bringing home top honors.

Team members were:

  • John Laporte, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology & Bioengineering track; 
  • Max Bobbin, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering & Sustainability track
  • Catherine Wraback, Chemical Engineering, Traditional track

The team worked on their solution to the problem between 23 October 2021, when the problems were released, and 14 November when the videos were submitted. See the team's approach to solving this problem via YouTube. During this time, team members successfully managed their academic responsibilities with this and other co-curricular activities, including the National AICHE Jeopardy competition

The team received the highest rating of 'Outstanding' for their solution for Problem C. They were one of eight who received this rating among the 26 submissions for Problem C. Only 26 teams received outstanding marks among all 106 participating teams during this year’s competition.

SCUDEM — SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling is a 3-student group modeling challenge that runs over multiple days culminating in a 10 minute video which is reviewed by at least 3 judges. Teams and Coaches may meet remotely. Team submissions are judged to meet one of three outcomes: Outstanding, Meritorious, or Successful.

This is the third year CBEE students participated in the SCUDEM competition. Two teams participated in 2020, both earning a Meritorious rating. In 2019, three teams from CBEE participated at the in-person event at Bowie State and swept the podium (read more).

Posted: December 16, 2021, 1:07 PM