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November 2021 - CBEE Alumni Update

Career updates from '10, '16, '17 & '21 undergraduate alumni

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Cameron Sloan

BS Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and

Sustainability Track (2021)

Camerons works for for TSMC - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. He will be trained in Taiwan for 18 months on the processes for semiconductor/integrated circuits industry before returning to Arizona to support a new fabrication opporation to help the US become self sufficient in the semiconductor/integrated circuits industry. 

Mohsin Ghazali

BS Chemical Engineering, Traditional Track (2017)

Mohsin is a Chemical Enigneer at Indian Head - Naval Sea Systems Command (NSWC IHD)

Emily (Schultheis) DiBenedetto

BS Chemical Engineering, Traditional Track (2016)

After working as a chemical engineer, doing design work related to commercial-scale biorefining, and becoming a co-inventor on several patents, Emily earned her J.D. from University of Baltimore in 2020. She served as Associate Comments Editor on the University of Baltimore Law Review, President of the Intellectual Property Law Society, and participant in the Legal Data and Design Clinic and Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. She now works as a corporate attorney specializing in patent litigation in Wilmington, DE.

Hannah (Wilson) Song

BS Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Bioengineering Track (2010) 

After completing her BS in Chemical Engineering (Biology track) in 2010, Hannah Wilson (now Hannah Song) earned a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying pluripotent stem cells, and then a post-doc at Georgia Tech studying therapeutic cell manufacturing. She was recently promoted to Biologist (GS) at the National Institute of Health Center for Cellular Engineering. Her first project, manufacturing engineered T cells to fight liver cancer, is scheduled to start clinical trials this summer. She credits UMBC and the CBEE department for the many wonderful opportunities to become engaged in research, and Dr. Julia Ross in particular for helping discover her love for cells and the immune system. 

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Posted: November 1, 2021, 7:40 PM