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Undergraduate Student Honors and Awards - Spring 2018

We are proud of all of our students' achievements. We would like to highlight the CBEE students recognized during UMBC's 2018 Student Recognition Week 

Honors in Chemical Engineering

  • Mekha Thomas 
  • Nicholas Simon 
  • Naomi Mburu 
  • Alexander Lilly 
  • Jessica Deng 
  • Sarah Douglas 
  • Bethany Wolinski 
  • Rafay Ashar
  • Adrian Davey 
  • Andrew Beard 
  • Joshua Benoit 
  • Donnel Thomas
  • Adam Beard
  • Dorra Benmohamed

Outstanding Seniors in Chemical Engineering 

Highest academic achievement of seniors majoring in chemical engineering 
  • Nicholas Simon 
  • Mekha A Thomas 
  • Naomi T Mburu
  • Bethany J  Wolinski
  • Jessica Deng 
  • Sarah B Douglas

CBEE Undergraduate Research Award

  •  Donnel Thomas

COEIT 2018 Student Leadership Award for CBEE

  • Hannah Aris

image credit: Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Posted: July 9, 2021, 3:48 PM