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Undergraduate Student Honors and Awards - Spring 2021

We are proud of all of our students' achievements. We would like to highlight the CBEE students recognized in the UMBC's 2021 Student Recognition Week 

Undergraduate Research Award Scholars 2020-2021 

The following students received undergraduate research awards in 2020-2021
  • Hernandez, Joana
  • Hill, Garrett
  • Ndalamba, Ouriel

2020-2021 Honors College Graduates 

These May 2021 graduates successfully completed the requirements for the UMBC Honors College certificate
  • Ahmed, Sanya 
  • Balasus, Nicholas 
  • Biehl, Kristine 
  • Flores, Hana 
  • Seas, Alexandra 
  • Welch, Halle

Honors College Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 

Outstanding academic achievement, especially in Honors courses 
  • Biehl, Kristine

Outstanding Seniors in Chemical Engineering 

Highest academic achievement of seniors majoring in chemical engineering 
  • Ahmed, Sanya A. 
  • Balasus, Nicholas G.
  • Ball, Kat 
  • Biehl, Kristine R. 
  • Bowler, Matthew
  • Bulk, Deanna 
  • Fitzpatrick, Liam 
  • Flores, Hana E. 
  • Griffin, Nick 
  • Murdock, Matthew 
  • Qiu, Brandon 
  • Seas, Alexandra 
  • Sloan, Cameron 
  • Tran, Neil 
  • Welch, Halle M

CBEE Undergraduate Research Award

  • Nicholas G. Balasus

COEIT 2021 Student Leadership Award for CBEE

  • Howard J. Nicholson III
  • Cameron Sloan

Posted: May 7, 2021, 1:14 PM