Neha Raikar


Contact Information

Engineering, Room 317


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering − University of Massachusetts, Amhert, 2010
B.S. Chemical Engineering − University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 2004


Neha Raikar is a lecturer in the department of Chemical Engineering at University of Maryland, Baltimore County since Fall 2016. She has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has worked for three years in Unilever Research as a research scientist. Her background is in manufacturing, consumer product formulation, mathematical modeling and process optimization.


  • ENCH 215 Chemical Engineering Analysis
  • ENCH 225L Chemical Engineering Problem Solving and Experiment Design Lab
  • ENCH 425 Transport I: Fluids
  • ENCH 442 Chemical Process Control and Safety

Selected Publications

  1. M.A.H. van Elzakker., E. Zondervan, N.B. Raikar, H. Hoogland, and I.E. Grossman, \An SKU Decomposition Algorithm for the Tactical Planning in the FMCG Industry”, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 62, 8095 (2014).
  2. Elzakker M.A.H, Zondervan, Raikar N.B., Grossmann I.E., and Bongers P.M.M.,
    \Scheduling in the FMCG industry: An Industrial Case Study”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 51(22), 7800-7815 (2012).
  3. Maindarkar, S.N.; Raikar, N.B.; Bongers, P., and Henson, M.A,\Incorporating emulsion drop coalescence into population balance equation models of high pressure homogenization”, Colloids and Interfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 396, 63-73 (2012).
  4. Raikar N.B., Bhatia S.R., Malone M.F., and Henson M.A.,\ Predicting the Effect of the Homogenization Pressure on Emulsion Drop-Size Distributions”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50(10), 6089-6100 (2011).
  5. Raikar N.B., Almeida-Rivera C., Bongers P., Bhatia S.R., Malone M.F., and Henson M.A., \Prediction of Emulsion Drop Size Distributions with Population
    Balance Equation Models of Multiple Drop Breakage”, Colloids and Interfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects,361(1), 96-108 (2010).
  6. Raikar N.B., Bhatia S.R., Malone M.F., and Henson M.A.,\ Experimental Studies and Population Balance Equation Models for Breakage Prediction of Emulsion Drop Size Distributions”, Chemical Engineering Science, 64, 2433-2447 (2009).
  7. Raikar N.B., Bhatia S.R., Malone M.F., and Henson M.A.,\ Self-similar inverse population balance modeling for turbulently prepared batch emulsions: Sensitivity to measurement errors”, Chemical Engineering Science 61(22), 7421-7435 (2006).