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AIChE Student Chapter Wins UMBC Event of the Year!

By UMBC Office of Student Affairs event CelebratingOrgs

Congratulations to the AIChE Student Chapter on receiving the Event of the Year Winner during UMBC Office of Student Affairs annual end of the year event, CelebratingOrgs which honors and recognizes student organizations for their valuable work at UMBC. 

Event of the Year Winner - AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Event of the Year Award Description - While events are made to better the UMBC community and celebrate our grit and greatness as a campus, the events made by student organizations are like no other. Student organization events celebrate the diversity of our cultures and beliefs, educate the community, and provide a space to unwind from the stress of the school year. This award recognizes the student organization for the Event of the Year. 

AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference details - As the premier chemical engineering student conference in the region, this event brought over 350 attendees from 30+ different universities and industry sponsors to the UMBC campus. While the conference is geared toward undergraduate students, the conference hosted several graduate students, post-docs, faculty and staff, and industry professionals. The conference was a hub for extensive student networking, professional development opportunities, and friendly competition. Specifically, the event included a career fair alongside several industry-sponsored workshops and keynote addresses which helped attendees build their networks and shape their careers. A committee of 13 undergraduate students planned the event, which allowed numerous students to gain invaluable leadership and project management experience. These students worked tirelessly to connect with and coordinate the efforts of numerous UMBC departments and services including the CBEE Department (Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering), COEIT College of Engineering and Information Technology), OIA (Office of Institutional Advancement), Career Center, UMBC Graduate School, and ECS (Event and Conference Services). Through these efforts, over $60,000 in total was raised. 

Committee Members: 

Sponsorship & Funding Sub-Chair                      Raey Hunde

Corporate & University Relations Sub-Chair      An Dang

Corporate & University Relations Sub-Chair      Danny Sebrosky

ChemE Car Sub-Chair                                         Afrah Ahmed

ChemE Car Sub-Chair                                         Ahmed Al-Anesi

ChemE Car Sub-Chair                                         Jacob Craft

ChemE Jeopardy Sub-Chair                               Anh Bui

Workshops Sub-Chair                                         Nelanne Bolima

Workshops Sub-Chair                                         Meredith Morse

Research Presentations Sub-Chair                   Sarah Yoda

Logistics Sub-Chair                                            John Velkey

Communications Sub-Chair                               Terra Miley

Committee Chair                                                 Pavan Umashankar

Posted: May 10, 2024, 3:27 PM