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Ghosh group and collaborators receive Project of the Year

Department of Defense SERDP/ESTCP program

Dr. Upal Ghosh and his research group at UMBC are part of a collaborative team to win the 2021 Project of the Year Award from the Department of Defense SERDP/ESTCP program.  

The project is titled "Standardization of Polymeric Sampling for Measuring Freely Dissolved Organic Contaminant Concentrations in Sediment Porewater" 

The project team included researchers from the USACE (lead), USEPA, UMBC, Texas Tech and MIT. and demonstrated the use of polymeric passive samplers for measuring freely dissolved organic contaminant concentrations in sediment. The demonstration paves the way for standardization of the novel analytical method and routine use in contaminated site assessments.  

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Photo credit: Dr. Ghosh. 
Alt Description: Ph.D. student, Mandar Bokare, preparing to analyze a passive sampler in the laboratory.

Posted: February 1, 2022, 12:07 PM