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Dr. Upal Ghosh gives GRIT-X talk for 2021 UMBC homecoming

Saving our environment from the past: chemicals and fish

The annual GRIT-X talks returned for UMBC homecoming as eight UMBC community members, including Dr. Upal Ghosh, Professor, Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering. He joined three other CBEE faculty members and one CBEE alumnus as distinguished presenters at the GRIT-X talks since it’s inception in 2016. 

His talk explored his work in understanding toxic pollutants and how they impact the environment. Even though some of the pollutants were banned from use 50 years ago, these contaminants can still be found in fish and wildlife today. Ghosh’s work also includes creative approaches to removing dangerous pollutants from waterways so they can’t cause further harm.

Posted: October 20, 2021, 10:48 AM