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Masters Student Trainee opportunity in the urban environment

FALL 2022

UMBC is seeking applicants in the following areas for urban environmental work:

Masters Student Traineeships - iCARE

The iCARE NRT master’s degree is a 2-year interdisciplinary degree program with a dual mission of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice combined with research focused on improving the health of Baltimore Harbor as a socioecosystem. Students will be mentored by a UMBC faculty member and a non-academic scientist from a government agency, non-profit, or industry. That research team will be embedded in a larger stakeholder team, meaning that each student and their mentors will identify one or more community members (non-scientists) with a stake in the research to be engaged in the research from development to completion. 
Students will also be taking skills courses (community leadership, DEIJ, oral and written communication) and disciplinary courses appropriate to their research project. 
Students complete requirements for the program while earning a degree from UMBC in Biological SciencesEnvironmental EngineeringGeography & Environmental Systems, or the cross-campus Marine Estuarine Environmental Science (MEES) program. 
Students need to apply to their respective program at this link and complete a supplemental ICARE NRT application by January 1, 2022 for the Fall 2022 cohort.
Potential Environmental Engineering Mentors: 
  • Lee Blaney - contaminants of emerging concern & resource recovery 
  • Upal Ghosh - analysis and remediation of toxic pollutants in soils and other environments
  • Brian Reed - removal of inorganic contaminants from the aqueous phase by activated carbons
  • Christopher Hennigan - Processes governing atmospheric chemistry and aerosol pollution
  • Claire Welty - quantify and predict the urban hydrologic cycle and coupled biogeochemical cycles from neighborhood to regional scales

Posted: October 20, 2021, 2:55 PM