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CUERE Seminar Series - Dr. Wayne Zipperer

Wildland-Urban Interface: A Dynamic Socio-Ecological System



Date & Time

October 22, 2021, 2:00 pm3:00 pm


This is part of the Fall 2021 CUERE Seminar Series.

When in person, CUERE seminars are held in TRC 206 at 2 PM on Fridays.  In 2021 seminars will be held mostly virtually.

Dr. Wayne Zipperer

USDA Forest Service, Gainesville, FL

“The Wildland-Urban Interface: A Dynamic Socio-Ecological System”


By 2050, the United States human population is projected to increase by 70 million individuals. A high percentage of these individuals will inhabit the wildland-urban interface (WUI). The WUI describes an area where housing intermixes with or abuts wildland vegetation. From 1990-2010, the WUI expanded from 581,000 to 770,000 km2. Currently, more than 43 million homes (32% of homes in the conterminous U.S.) occur in the WUI. Unfortunately, except for fire, a dearth of information exists on the WUI. To evaluate the effect of this settlement pattern on social and ecological systems, the USDA Forest Service conducted a national assessment of the WUI. This presentation overviews the finding of that assessment and how WUI affects ecosystem structure and function, demographics, and natural resource management.