Dipanjan Pan


Contact Information

UMBC Office
ILSB, Room 322

UMB Office
HSF-III, Room 8179

University of Maryland, School of Medicine

Pan Lab website


Postdoc. Chemistry/Polymer/Nanotechnology– Washington University in St Louis, 2005

Ph.D. Chemistry – Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2002
M.S. Chemistry – Vidyasagar University, 1997

Research Interests

Dipanjan Pan is leading the Laboratory for Materials in Medicine (MatMed) at UMB and UMBC. MatMed’s mission is to develop next generation translatable technologies to improve human health by uniquely merging ‘molecule making’ and ‘device making’, and through innovations in nanomedicine tools and point-of-care diagnostic systems. Active research themes include:

  • Fundamentals: nanoparticle synthesis, drug discovery and controlled delivery, molecular imaging, biosensing
  • Applications: cancer stem cell, immune-therapeutics, drug-free antimicrobial, disease diagnosis/monitoring, image-guided prototyping

Select Publications – PubMed