Aryeh Sherizen

I chose chemical engineering at UMBC because I was interested in getting a STEM degree that facilitated application of scientific principles to solve real-world problems. Engineering has been described as the bridge between the laboratory and the marketplace. Said otherwise, “science creates questions while engineering creates solutions.” I therefore decided to go for an engineering degree as opposed to a traditional science degree. I chose chemical engineering, on the biotechnology and bioengineering track, because I wanted to direct my career options toward the biotech industry.  UMBC offers a high-quality education at an outstanding value.

The key takeaway that I took from my time at UMBC was the confidence gained by having successfully completed the challenging chemical engineering program. Employers respect the critical thinking and creative problem solving that are hallmarks of a good engineering program such as the one at UMBC, and I knew that I was ready to take on whatever professional challenges awaited moving forward.

I currently work as a Genomic Data Analyst for Personal Genome Diagnostics (PGDx). There are many chemical engineers and bioengineers on the team that I work with daily.

My advice to future students is as follows.  Engineering is challenging, there are no two ways about it. However, with determination and hard work, you can succeed beyond your expectations.  Try to use your time at UMBC to grow personally as well as professionally. As Dr. Hrabrowski remarked at graduation, “Your dreams, and most important, your character, will determine who you will become…”

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