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admissionsBelow are admission requirements for freshmen applicants and transfer students.

Freshmen Applicants
Freshmen applicants who meet the admission requirements to UMBC and are prepared, by virtue of their high school background and as indicated by their placement tests, to enroll in ENGL 100, MATH 151, ENES 101 and CHEM 101 may designate chemical engineering as their major.

Once students have earned grades of at least two B’s and two C’s in the following courses: ENES 101, MATH 152, CHEM 102, and ENCH 215, they have met the Gateway requirement and may continue with chemical engineering as their major. (If a student is using AP credit for MATH 152, the minimum requirement is at least two B’s and one C in the remaining courses.) Students are not allowed to take any other chemical engineering courses until this requirement is fulfilled.

Past experience has shown that for students to successfully and efficiently pursue an engineering education immediately upon graduation from high school, they should have taken three years of high school mathematics including algebra, geometry and trigonometry, one year of physics and one year of chemistry. Students should also have obtained an SAT score of 1200 with a minimum of 600 on the quantitative test.